Food in Valencia

Valencia - Where to Eat.jpg

Recently, I got back from a trip to Valencia with my family. We spent just under a week there it was absolutely wonderful. It was incredible to go somewhere different and if you are looking for a unique experience, Valencia is the place.

As we stayed in a hotel for our visit, we ate out for every single meal. For the integrity of our trip, we went to some really amazing places. But, these were the best for me.

La Bothéca - Starter and Main.jpg

La Bothéca was the restaurant we started and ended with. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. The people who run it are so incredibly lovely and make you feel at home.

La Bothéca - Dessert and Restaurant


In terms of the food, it could not get any better. Everything is freshly made. It was really humbling to be able to taste quite authentic Italian food.

Refugio - Starter and Main

Refugio was a lucky find. When we were in the El Carmen area, Google Maps directed us to this unique restaurant.

Refugio - Dessert and Restaurant

What some may find slightly peculiar is that there is no permanent menu. I do think that this is very interesting as you get a new experience every time you visit.

The best thing about the food was the presentation, especially the starter. Cutting into the tomato, everything spilt out. A beautiful surprise.

Almalibre Açaí Bar - Starter and Main

Almalibre Açaí Bar was a place we passed whilst exploring the El Carmen area. Once deciding to go there, we knew we had made the right choice. The entire menu is vegan with no meat substitutes.

Almalibre Açaí Bar - Dessert and Restaurant

Spain is obviously very aware of vegetarians, vegans and food intolerances because this place was one of many specialist cafes.

All the food was amazing, but the açai bowl opened my eyes to an entirely new breakfast meal.

Ice Wave - Dessert and Stall.jpg

Although not a restaurant, I couldn’t resist but to include Ice Wave. Unlike the other places mentioned, Ice Wave is a chain of rolled ice cream stalls.

After seeing videos and photos of rolled ice cream online, I simply had to try it.

The prices are very reasonable, which is something I was worried about. They do it right in front of you which was extraordinary to see the effort it takes to make such a perfect dessert.

Valencia was a wonderful city to visit and I had a lovely time. The weather was very hot though!



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