Summer Day in the Life

Summer Day in the Life.jpg

Summer is finally here and I am so pleased. After a very stressful and busy school year, it is so lovely to finally relax. The Summer Holidays really allow me to spend time on my other passions and hobbies besides education. It really depends what I do in a day during the summer break, but usually how the day goes stays the same.

Wake Up.jpg

In the morning, I tend to wake up between seven and seven thirty, but I won’t get out of bed until about half past eight.


For breakfast, I always have a bowl of cereal and today, I also had a cinnamon bagel.

Getting Ready for the Day

I then get ready for the day, by brushing my teeth, combing my hair and washing my face.


Afterwards, me and my twin brother decided to play tennis in the garden.


Once we had done that, I watched some TV until lunch.


For lunch, I had a falafel and vegetable wrap with fruit and crisps.

Shopping in Town.jpg

In the afternoon, we decided to go into town to do some shopping.


For dinner, we had pesto pasta with green beans and potatoes.

So, that was what I did on a random day during the summer holidays. I cannot wait to produce some more summer themed posts for my blog!


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