Inside my Journal – Sunflowers, Roses and Cacti

Inside my Journal - Sunflowers, Roses and Cacti.jpg

When I was younger, I used to scrapbook a far bit. Now, I am getting back into it after seeing so many beautiful and inspirational bullet journal spreads. For a long time, I have considered starting a bullet journal but I have never gone beyond looking at images. However, with my little journal, I can scrapbook, doodle, paint and write with no worry of completing it in time for a month!

My journal is a lined A5 Muji Notebook and I got it in a pack of five. I like have lines so everything stays straight but it is annoying sticking paintings in.

Each of my pages has a theme, so for this post I am sharing my first three: sunflowers, roses and cacti. For the rest of this journal, I am just going to scrapbook, doodle, paint and write whatever I like or whatever makes me happy.

Inside My Journal - Sunflowers and Roses.jpg

So, the first two pages are on my two favourite flowers; sunflowers and roses. On both sides, I went with the same idea of having a quote on a watercolour background, a drawing of the flower and some stickers.

Inside My Journal - Sunflowers.jpg

I especially like the idea of having a photograph and the doodle underneath as kind of a comparison.

Inside My Journal - Roses.jpg

Honestly, I still can’t believe I managed to draw that rose, I am so useless sometimes when it comes to drawing!


For my next page, I decided to go with one of my obsessions; cacti. For this page, I didn’t include a quote because, well, I forgot! Instead, I found a load of pretty images that I printed and cut out. The stars were made out of an image I printed and in order to use up the watercolour I completely cut up another set of cacti.

Inside My Journal - Cacti 2.jpg

I think this page just shows what imagination can do when something goes wrong, especially how at the start of making it I made a huge mess!

I am definitely going to continue making these pages because they are so much fun and allow me to be really creative.


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