Southbank Snaps

Southbank Snaps.jpg

A while back I went to London and I decided to bring my camera. For quite a long time now, I have wanted to start using a DSLR to take photos. But unfortunately I have not had the money nor time to invest in one. Luckily, my Dad let me borrow his camera, which is a Canon 600D. I had a wonderful time beforehand learning about how to use all the manual settings so hopefully my photographs will continue to get better and better!

These photos are from day and night on the same bridge, the Waterloo Bridge. I love the contrast and how they turned out.



Clouded Visions




It’s Interesting What Happens When You Look




Blurred Destinations


Stop and Go


Shaky Stars



8 thoughts on “Southbank Snaps”

  1. Nice photos.
    I also nominated you for the sisterhood tag over on my blog, and I know it might be a bit unusual to you but I thought you could give it a try as you are the only male I follow as a blogger. Don’t feel pressured to do it, it was just a little thought I had.

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