Why I Love Yellow

Why I Love Yellow

Yellow, the colour that’s currently on trend. But, why? What makes it so special and why do I love it so much? I am not sure where my ‘obsession’ began but I have always known I have had a secret love for the colour.

T-Shirt Hands Crossed

First of all, clothes look so gorgeous with the colour yellow. In this photo, I am wearing a t-shirt with a lightning bolt design filled with musical instruments and equipment.

T-Shirt Close Up

It is so bold and beautiful and allows you make such a statement! I mean, who would not want to wear this? Yellow is supposed to make you enthusiastic, which these pieces of clothing completely do!

Jumper Body

Another favourite yellow piece of clothing that I own is my yellow jumper. It is a completely different shade of yellow which actually can be worn with anything!

Jumper Sleeve

It is so warm and it a tiny bit big for me so makes it so cosy! The colour yellow is actually known to promote clear thinking and quick decision making.

Pineapple with Window

Yellow also fits with any room decor, such as this pineapple which actually lights up with multiple different colours!  The pineapple just fills me with joy and happiness whenever I see it.

This is why I love yellow.  Obviously, yellow is the most perfect colour in my eyes and perhaps now it is yours too.



7 thoughts on “Why I Love Yellow”

  1. I love yellow! (Hence the blog name). I remember having a yellow walls in my first bedroom and since then the obsession’s grown. I feel happy when I wear yellow, it just brings joy to everything.

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