My Cacti Obsession​

My Cacti Obsession.jpg

Cacti have just grown in popularity over the past few years and I cannot believe how many different types of the plant there is! I have become a tiny bit obsessed with them over a period of time and I wanted to share my cacti and what kinds I have. Unfortunately, I am awful at working out if they are cacti or a succulent. I believe it is a very difficult question to ask!


These were the first ever cacti I got. I got them from IKEA in a little set and they are absolutely adorable, especially because they are so mini!


This one I think looks like a little tree, ready to sprout.


This one I think looks like a weapon a cave man would use, strange as it sounds!


This one I think of as the classic cacti.


I would not call this a cactus, but this was the second plant I received. I got this from my Granny and to grow another one, all you need to do is pick one of the leaves off and plant it!


The plant did flower, however, it made a huge mess all over my floor. Hopefully, it will again soon, I got so excited when I saw a burst of colour.


Next is my biggest proper cacti. I think it is naturally grown like that, with a few of the same kind together.


I really need to get a pot for this one as the soil is collecting underneath!


This succulent I got from my twin brother for Christmas. I love the ombre effect with the colours, it looks gorgeous.

I am in the process of looking for more cacti to grow my collection. Who doesn’t love a good plant or two?



16 thoughts on “My Cacti Obsession​”

  1. We have cacti in our living room and I LOVE THEM 🙂 There are four little ones I think? I always accidentally stab myself on them but oh well they’re so great anyhow!

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