2017 in Review

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2017 has just flown by and I cannot believe how little of the year is left until we progress into the next year. 2017 has been an extraordinary year, to say the least. I am really grateful for all that has happened this year and in this post, I wanted to show my appreciation by sharing it.


This year I have been so very fortunate to be able to travel to four different places!

  • Broadstairs


  • The Netherlands


  • Northern Ireland


  • France


I am very lucky to have been able to travel to all these places and next year I hope to travel to more. I absolutely love exploring new places and seeing what they have to offer.


This year I have been able to experiment with photography and I am very pleased with the result of my trials.

Next year I am hoping to purchase a better camera so I can advance in my skill. I would also love to try and learn how to take better photographs of people because that is something I am interested in learning about.


This year I have been able to read a lot more books and I have also started to get back into writing reviews over on Goodreads. I think this has helped me in analysing books and working out hidden messages also.

I have also been able to re-organise my shared bookcase with my twin brother so that it is now rainbow. I think this looks absolutely gorgeous and very pretty.


Next year I am planning on trying to receive some physical ARCs as only a few weeks ago I received my first ever digital ARC. It was probably one of the most exciting emails I have ever got.


I cannot believe the extraordinary support I have received over this past year because of course 2017 was the year I relaunched my blog.

I have found so many wonderful blogs and people through relaunching my blog. I honestly regret not caring about it more!

Next year I have some very special posts right from the start. There might even be a giveaway or two…


I think this year I have been happier overall. Since September, I have been enjoying more what I have been learning and having a lot more fun discovering and investigating new topics and concepts.

I want to thank my friends (even though I doubt they read this blog) for being there for me and being so understanding. But I have to give the biggest thank you to my family for being so loving and caring even if they can wind me up about my blog!

2018 looks to be a promising year and I cannot wait to see what is in store. I hope you had an incredible 2017 and I wish you all the best for the new year.


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