5 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

I cannot believe how close the special day is, the excitement and tension are building. I am really astonished at how fast December has progressed. I honestly feel like the start of the month was only yesterday. And what an incredible month it has been. To celebrate the arrival of Christmas Day in some places, even if it isn’t where you live, I have decided to share why I love Christmas.

1. Seeing Relatives

Seeing Relatives

I am sure you can relate to the fact that your relatives are spread up and down whatever country you live in, or even perhaps the world. But Christmas is when everyone gets together and joins in the festive fun. The roads are full of cars and people waiting to see their loved ones and homes are warmed by the connection between relatives.

2. Giving and Receiving Presents


Giving and Receiving Presents.jpg

Christmas is a time for giving to those you value. I absolutely love choosing presents for people and watching the delight or even surprise on their faces when they open them. There is a huge satisfaction in getting the gift just right. As well as this, receiving presents is so heart-warming because it shows that the giver cares for you.

3. Festive Food

Festive Food.jpg

At Christmas, wherever you live fills with the smell of gorgeous food. It is so anticipating waiting for the dish to be laid on the table for everyone to tuck into. Food is a really important part of this season because it is something that brings everyone together, no matter who they are.

4. Carols


Carols are a great way to spread festive cheer, as Buddy the Elf says. It really does not matter if you can sing well or not, there is just a feeling when everyone joins in and wherever you are fills with the sound of celebration. It makes you feel like it really is Christmas.

5. Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Christmas, despite the rush and fuss, is a time for peace and relaxation. No matter what finichal situation you are in, no matter if you do not celebrate it, it is a time for coming together and forgetting about all our troubles. It is a time for a break and for everyone to have a holiday.

I hope that this post made you think a bit more about Christmas and the true message that is often forgotten. I hope you have a wonderful and exciting day when it does finally arrive and to enjoy it while it lasts.



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