Unique Ways to Gift Wrap

Unique Ways to Gift Wrap

Wrapping is probably the one thing everyone hates about Christmas. It is so time-consuming and it so tricky, especially with oddly shaped items. But, what about the wrapping paper itself. No one ever thinks about how wrapping paper is usually very dull. So, why not make it unique to the recipient?

Use Tissue Paper

Use Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper is normally used for inside the wrapping paper. So, why not use it for the outside. The tissue paper is hidden away and now is the time to make it shine. There is a huge opportunity to get really creative with the colours especially how there is now a wide variety of different ones.

Photo Gift Tags

Photo Gift Tags

Gift Tags are not usually customisable and are so boring. Photographs, on the other hand, have loads of possibility. Holiday gatherings are a time for a trip down memory lane, so why not use a photograph from an occasion you’ve shared with that person or even just a photograph of themselves!

Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat

Everyone loves sweet treats, especially at Christmas. You can actually add these to bows to create a special touch; on top of the present, you are giving. It also encourages the person to save the bow, so the environment is helped by your good deed!

The exciting day is quickly approaching and I cannot believe how fast December has gone. Have you?


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