DIY Handmade Christmas Presents

DIY Handmade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and this is the time for giving to those you love. But during this festive period, prices soar and what if you can’t afford what people want? Make it instead! I absolutely love receiving handmade gifts because they show that that person really cares about you and would spend the time to make you something.

Sweet Cone

Sweet Cone.jpg

Everyone has a sweet tooth so why not celebrate that and give them their favorite sweets! These are such fun to make and I love how customizable they are to people’s needs and requests. All you need is a plastic cone, a piece of ribbon and sweets. They could even be used as ornaments to hang on the tree if they are small!

Framed Quote

Framed Quote

Christmas is a time for celebration and happiness but what happens when someone is down. Give them a positive quote! I am motivated by some and they turn my feelings back to normal when I see them. I made my using an online graphics software and printed it out onto white paper. I then mounted it onto a piece of colorful card and it is as simple as that.

Personalised Book

Personalised Book.jpg

Books, no matter how big or small, can portray so much emotion and can tell amazing tales. So, use that to give those you love personalized books! They could feature photos of them, stories from past and present or even small surprises or gifts. It could be like a scrapbook of all the memories that you have shared over the years. Unleash your craft supplies and get busy making these!

The special day is quickly approaching and my excitement is growing! I hope you are enjoying these festive posts and I will continue to produce more.



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