Origami Christmas Stocking

Origami Christmas Stocking

What could be more festive than a stocking? I absolutely love stockings; they can be so unique! They come in all shapes and sizes and colours. So, why not make your very own, just out of origami! These stockings are so easy to make and very simple to enlarge. You could even make a giant one, perhaps for presents!

How to make:

What you will need (2).jpg

All you need to make this is a sheet of origami paper which two different colours, one on each side and a paper folding tool.

Step 1 (5)

Step 1: Place the colour you would like to be the main colour facing upwards.

Step 2 (3)

Step 2: Fold a narrow stripe upwards on the lower edge.

Step 3 (4)

Step 3: Fold the entire model in half.

Step 4 (3)

Step 4: Fold the left-hand inward corners to meet the centre.

Step 5 (3)

Step 5: Fold the left-hand corner across to meet the inner edges of the flaps folded in the previous step.

Step 6 (3)

Step 6: Fold the newly created edge across the right-hand edge.

Step 7 (3)

Step 7: Fold the upper layer back across to the left, making a vertical pleat in the paper.

Step 8 (2).jpg

Step 8: Turn the model round so the narrow strip lies at the top.

Step 9 (2)

Step 9: Fold the entire model in half.

Step 10 (1)

Step 10: Pull the bottom of the model out to the left.

Step 11 (1)

Step 11: All Done!

And there you have it your very own Origami Christmas Stocking. You could use it as a nice touch alongside a Christmas Stocking. Or you could even add a sweet treat inside as a wonderful surprise!

I hope you are enjoying the festive posts so far.


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