Effective Ways to Learn a Language

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Languages. The heart of the world. The way we express our thoughts and feelings to one another. But, what if you are going to a different country? One that doesn’t speak your language? What do you do? You learn it, of course. So for this post, I am going to be sharing some effective ways to learn a language. Although these ways may not work for all, they are some of the most common ways that people learn a language. There are a few surprising ones though!

Relate to Real Life


One of the best ways to learn a language is to relate it to real life. A way to do this is to label objects around your house in the language you are learning. So whenever you look at a common object, the translation will become stuck in your head. You could even start trying to use it in sentences even if they are not full ones!

Find a Friend


To practice your speaking or even understanding of your language, teach it to someone! Find a friend and get them to listen whilst you teach them all about your language. All aspects of it; reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture. It is proven that if you prepare as if you are going to teach it, you learn it better and more effectively.

Master Mnemonics


Yes, you may be questioning; what are mnemonics? They are a way of remembering words. To remember a word, think of something funny, silly, or otherwise memorable story to associate with a particular word. This will allow you to remember the word better and will allow you to think more creatively.

Like a Local


Locals are masters are their languages, no doubt about it. So why not do what a local do? Read, write, listen and speak their language. Get hold of some magazines or short books in the language you are learning. Try and write a short play or book in that language. Watch films or listen to music in that language. Find someone who speaks that language and talk to them.

Keep Going


Whenever you learn something, you are going to experience struggles. So push through them and don’t procrastinate about learning that language. Take a break and come back to it. Make sure it is something you enjoy not something that is a chore.

I hope you found some of these tips useful! I also hope to learn more in terms of languages and perhaps even do an entire blog post in a different language?!

All the photographs were from my week in France when I travelled there in August of this year.


4 thoughts on “Effective Ways to Learn a Language”

  1. Great advice – I’ve always struggled with languages, and was glad to when I didn’t have to continue with them at school, but this has definitely inspired me to get back into them (especially the part about watching films and listening to music in the language – there are lot of foreign language songs that I’d love to be able to understand – without Google!) x

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