How to Make Beautiful Mindmaps

How to Make Beautiful Mindmaps.jpg

I absolutely love mind maps, they are such a great way to express your thoughts. You also don’t need to be fancy with them, or do you? Up until recently, my mindmaps were a complete mess full of nonsense. But now, I have been more careful with the way I present my ideas and I wanted to share how I make my mind maps and some tips for improving your own.



Your title is the most important part of your mindmap. It tells you and whoever looks at it what it is about. So it needs to stand out. I like to keep my titles quite small in order to fit as many ideas on the paper as possible. Instead of increasing the size, I highlight the title to catch your eye once I look at it.



Your handwriting is vital when making mind maps. It simply needs to be neat. The photograph above shows one of my titles. I decided to make it very fancy but all it needs to be is neat.  The neater your handwriting is, the more appealing it is to use to revise from or to remind yourself of the topic. I like to look on Pinterest for handwriting guides when I want to change up my style.



A mind map is not a mind map without arrows. It needs to have them! Arrows can divide topics and allow you to work out what goes with what. The arrows I used related to the topic. For instance, the arrow in the photograph was for relationships. They need to be straight also so you can maximise space and decide when each topic ends and starts.



Colour is the best part of a mind map. I absolutely love multiple colours and I will sometimes them unnecessarily! I love to colour coordinate everything so each topic has its own colour. I even occasionally have multiple colours for each topic to make it even fancier! I use InkJoy BallPoint Pens to write everything and Stabilo Boss Highlighters for titles.

A Key


A key is essential when you don’t have very many resources. This means you can use a variety of patterns and lines instead of different colours. I tend to do this after I have finished and I don’t do it on the piece of paper. Instead, I do it on a post-it note and stick it on somewhere visible where I am not covering anything up.

And that’s how I make my mindmaps! I hope you found it useful and I hope it inspired you to make your mindmaps that little more beautiful.


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