My Favourite Language Apps

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I absolutely love languages. One day, I would love to travel the world and visit all seven continents and learning languages will really aid me when those days come. Languages I find so much easier to learn when I have some apps to help me, so in today’s post, I am going to be sharing some apps I like to use when I need to learn some vocabulary or grammar.



I actually used to neglect how useful Quizlet was until about a week or so ago. Why did I not use it sooner? Quizlet is basically a website and app where you can create flashcards and revise from them. They also have a new feature called diagrams where you upload images and label the parts of the image you want to revise from.



My life in languages probably revolves around Memrise. It is a huge lifesaver. I especially love the “mem” feature where you can create ways to remind yourself what the word means or how to spell it. I probably think of the most ridiculous ways to remember things but it works!



I wouldn’t say this app and website is a revision one as you kind of need to do it every day for it to work effectively. I use Duolingo for French and try and do it every day but it is hard! I feel like the topics are useful and they are ones I want to learn to help me revise so that is all that matters. I also love the owl, it is so motivating!



Kahoot, in general, is amazing for studying anything. I literally use it to help me remember anything. I just think it is so fun playing with others (well, occasionally I usually do it by myself) and racing to press the correct answer. The only thing I don’t like about Kahoot as it takes so much time to make different quizzes. It is worth it though!



I actually discovered this through Words By Nina and it is such a good way to improve your listening skills in your chosen language by listening to songs! Currently, I am using it for French as I am more comfortable typing in French but you can use it for any language, I might in the future use it to help me improve my Chinese listening skills.

So that is my favourite language apps for learning languages. I really enjoy using all of them and they are really useful for learning practically anything!


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Language Apps”

  1. I’ve heard of kahoot cause our science teacher wanted to use it in class, and duolingo cause I see it in commercials. The lyrics training sounds so cool!!
    This was very interesting!!!! 😊😊

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