How to Resolve a Blogging Blank

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All bloggers have been there when it is the day before you need to post and you have no idea what to write! There has been countless times when I have a complete mind blank and have had no inspiration what so ever. I honestly think of too many blog post ideas when I don’t need them and then when I do I cannot think of anything! So for this post, I decided to share some ideas of how to resolve a mind blank in the blogging world. The tips featured in this post actually work for all types of blogs, but I primarily focused on lifestyle blogging.

The Internet


I think I rely on the internet too much for my life. There are so many great articles on blogging around and you just have to take a look. Some of them, unfortunately, don’t have the most original lists but you can always tweak some ideas to make them your own.

Other Blogs

Other Blogs.jpg

When everything fails, turn to your own kind. In other words, look what other similar blogs have done. I am not saying copy, I am instead saying to create your own idea off someone else’s. I follow a load of blogs and whenever I see a cool post I feel inspired to write a post!



I absolutely love blogging series as they make me so excited for the new post. So why not create a sequel of a popular post. Here’s an example.

Screenshot from 2017-09-16 17-58-50_censored (1)

So my most popular post is my Tips for New Bloggers. So perhaps if I didn’t know what to post, I could do a sequel to that. Or I could do another review for a Lush Bath Bomb. Whatever is popular try and re-use the same idea.



Pinterest is like a blogger’s heaven. It is full of creative and wonderful ideas to help inspire you to come up with blog post ideas. There are endless possibilities that come from having a look on Pinterest and it usually resolves my blogging blank. There are so many boards devoted to blog post ideas so all you need to do is search!



This is quite new to me but why not use blogging prompts? Prompts are basically sentence starters than you can continue on to extend what someone has first thought of. Prompts are actually so useful in every sense, especially for creative writing. Topic generators are so uninteresting, on the other hand, prompts are actually have some wonderful ideas that I actually use!

And they are so tips of mine to resolve a blogging blank. I hope you find this situation relatable as otherwise I will think that I am a complete alien!

Finally, thank you to Becky Sefton for tweeting about my blog. I really appreciate everyone who shares or supports my blog, so thank you!


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