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I actually wanted to share my desk for a long time now but there has been one thing stopping me; the mess. My desk is usually a ‘creative mess’ and I can never be bothered to clean it. However, the day came when I actually wanted to clean it (how surprising I know). I had been back from France for a day or two and I wanted to put my desk mat on it. So I cleaned and tidied it up and I am finally able to share it with you!

In order to make it as interesting as engaging as possible, I have tried to link as many products as possible. All those links will be at the end of this post.

I also wanted to mention I am very grateful to have all these products and I am not using this post to brag in any way. All products in this post were either presents or were bought with my own money. This post is not sponsored.


Let’s start with my desk. My parents bought me this desk and it was from IKEA. I think I have had this desk for around three to four years and thank goodness it has lasted that long!


My chair is also from IKEA and is the same age.


You may have noticed a filing cabinet to the side of my desk and yes, you’ve guessed it, it is also from IKEA. I store craft supplies and stationery in these drawers.


Now on with the tour! The clock that sits on my desk I actually made myself which I was impressed with. Some say it looks like a Bonsai tree which was not the look I was going for but I am pleased that it came out that way in the end. My speakers are from Logitech and are just some basic ones for playing audiobooks and music. The pen and pencil organiser is from Muji and is so useful. Finally, for this section, my notepaper organiser is from PaperPlace.


The little notebooks were a present from my parents and they are so adorable and cute. They came in a set of four and are for: to do lists, travel, doodling and dreaming. I actually have only used the to do list one as they are too nice to use!


The basket that holds my very small collection of stress balls and ping pong balls is from Tiger. The stress balls were just free from places I have been and the basketball is also from Tiger and came with a small basketball hoop that sits on the top of my door.


In front of that is a picture of me! Well, it isn’t a photograph but it is the profile picture and logo for my blog!


I have a little obsession with post-it notes and this toaster that holds them deserved a place on my desk. I don’t really use these ones as I have some more in my filing cabinet but they still look pretty on my desk.


This pineapple is no ordinary pineapple, no this is a LED one! It can change colour and has a cycle of colours it goes through. It was from The Works and was such a bargain.


These four boxes store stationary that I regularly use such as staples, paper clips and push pins. The four boxes were from The Works and the stationary items were from lots of different places (I honestly can’t remember where all of them came from).


I bought this electric sharpener from Blott before it became Tinc and have really enjoyed having it recently. It is just so useful and is really handy if a manual sharpener breaks the lead.


These coasters I made myself from Hamma Beads. I really love these as they add a very personal feel to my desk.


This tablet or phone holder was from my Granny and was from Ikea. What is great about this product is that it is small but very strong!


Finally here is my new desk mat which was featured in Monday’s post! It was such a bargain and I couldn’t resist buying it.

And there we have it, my desk tour! I hope you enjoyed reading about what my desk is like and what I have on it.

Products Mentioned.jpg

Now to the products used and mentioned! Not all the items I could find so I have done my best to find similar ones if the actual one wasn’t available.

  • Desk: IKEA Alavaret/Linnmon – similar (click here)
  • Chair: IKEA (sorry I couldn’t find the product)
  • Filing Cabinet: IKEA Helmer (click here)
  • Speakers: Logitech Z130 Stereo Speakers – newer version (click here)
  • Pen and Pencil Orangiser: Muji Desk Tidy (click here)
  • Notepaper Tidy: PaperPlace (sorry couldn’t find the product but it was purchased from The Works)
  • Notebooks: Sarah Neuburger (click here)
  • Basket: Tiger (sorry I couldn’t find the product)
  • Toaster Post-its: Temptation (sorry I couldn’t find the product)
  • Pineapple LED Light: The Works (click here)
  • Mini Oraganisation Boxes: The Works – similar (click here)
  • Electric Sharpener: Blott – similar (click here)
  • Tablet Stand: IKEA (sorry I couldn’t find the product)

I have decided unfortunately starting from next week to only posting twice a week as I will start to be busier than normal. This won’t, however, stop me from posting good quality content as that is what I would want myself from another blog.


13 thoughts on “Desk Tour”

  1. THIS WAS AMAZING!!! 😆 I love your desk!! You know your drawer where you store supplies, my dad has the exact same one under his desk!! 😛 I love your toaster with the post it notes!!! 😍
    Your desk is really pretty, very important to keep oneself inspired!!! 💙💙

    Liked by 1 person

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