French Supermarket Haul

French Supermarket Haul.jpg

Yes, I’ve been travelling again. Where? This time to France! Last week, me and my family drove by car to France and stayed there for a week. And the one thing I absolutely have such a love for is French supermarkets. Why are they so good, you may question? The choice! You can practically get anything at a French supermarket and we visited so many during the week whilst we stayed there. So in this post, I would like to share what I bought.

Haribo Floppie’s


The reason I bought these sweets was that they looked rather interesting! When I saw these I couldn’t decide what they would be like, however, when I tasted them they tasted amazing! They have a hard outside but a soft marshmallow like inside.

Prince Biscuits


Unlike the sweets, I had actually already tasted these before and because I enjoyed them so much I bought them again! They are like sandwich biscuits and have a goey chocolate centre.



A very simple purchase but one that was much needed! I picked this ruler up for only sixty cents; what a bargain!



Another needed purchase, I never seem to have any pencils! These pencils I also picked up really cheaply, I think they were around seventy cents.



Seems like I was going with a theme, doesn’t it? I probably have too many rubbers but I just never use them. These I will most definitely use because they are nice and small and are very pratical.

Two Sets of Black Pens



These pens are really good and I knew I had to buy some more! I like using thicker nibs as it allows me to make my handwriting neater and makes it more comfortable to write.

Plastic Wallets


I don’t know why I didn’t buy these sooner! I have been needing to get some for a long time and I am so pleased I got this pack of one hundred.

Storage Folder


I always have pieces of paper and files lying about unorganised so this folder will help me put away all the pieces of paper that are important but don’t have a home.

PaperMate InkJoy Colourful Pens


I do like jazzing up things I write, though I have always used boring colours. This pack of twelve will help me spice up the way I write and jot down notes.

Desk Mat


I needed to get a desk mat and my last one was coincidentally from a French supermarket. Well, I say this is a desk mat, really it was a table mat and it was only eighty cents. What! My last one cost me seven euros, so I am definitely getting one of the table mats again.

And that is what I bought in France. If you would like to see what I did in France, then please let me know below.

As well as that, have you enjoyed reading three posts a week? I am considering continuing it into the foreseeable future but what are your thoughts, let me know.


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