What I Would Eat if I was Vegan

What I would eat if I was vegan.jpg

As some of you may know, I’m vegetarian. But sometimes, I like to switch it up and see how difficult (or easy) it would be to change my diet to become a vegan. All these dishes that you are about to read about I ate in one day and I would definitely eat if I was to change to become a vegan.


Breakfast as a Vegan.jpg

For breakfast, I had some soya yoghurt with granola and strawberries. I layered the food so that the yoghurt was at the bottom so you could dive deep and get a taste of everything in one mouthful. I personally prefer the taste of soya milk and yoghurt; I don’t know why though!


Lunch as a Vegan.jpg

For lunch, I had a roll with hummus and lettuce. I used to hate hummus when I was younger. For some reason when I had to eat it, I changed my relationship with hummus for the better. On the side, I had some Kettle Chips which are honestly so good!


Dinner as a Vegan.jpg

For dinner, I had a vegetable stew with rice. I actually love rice so much! The vegetables in this stew were so soft and I especially enjoyed the soft peppers.

So that is what I would eat if I was vegan. I think everyone should once in a while try to be vegan for a day or so, just to see what it is like. There are so many myths about vegans and if everyone experienced what it is like then hopefully those myths would disappear.


I know you are looking at me.

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