DIY Geometric Wall Art

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Geometric Wall Art is very on trend at the minute and I am loving it! Actually, I basically love anything Geometric. There are so many different styles and designs you can use to revamp your room! Anyway, geometric decor can get a little pricey. To conquer that problem, I’ve decided to share how to make some Wall Art for the fraction of the price of one you would buy in the shop.

What you will need (1).jpg

To make this, you will need: card in multiple colours, a glue gun or a glue stick, a craft knife and scissors.

Step 1 (4).jpg

Step 1: Print off the template for the triangles. The template is A4 and fits nine triangles on each sheet of card. Printing wise, I had to change the settings on my printing preferences slightly. I’d recommend changing them to a more detailed preference.

Step 2 (2).jpg

Step 2: Cut out each of the triangles. I started by using a pair of scissors but then gave up and decided to use a craft knife.

Step 3 (3).jpg

Step 3: Score all the triangles. You can either do it along the black lines on the front which when you fold it leaves the black lines in place or you can flip it over and score along the back which leaves a cleaner finish.

Step 4 (2).jpg

Step 4: Fold and glue every triangle. I used a glue gun for this step and I would not recommend using a glue stick. It makes life seriously hard, trust me.

Step 5 (2).jpg

Step 5: Find another piece of card and make sure it is the right size for the design you have chosen to do.

Step 6 (2).jpg

Step 6: Layout the triangles however you want and then start to glue them down. The best way to start is to place a triangle at the very top with the point facing away from you.

Step 7 (2).jpg

Step 7: All Done!

I love this DIY as it looks great in any room and in any season! You can also tweak it and make it your own so easily just by changing the design or colour scheme.

I really enjoy making these DIY posts and designing the entire post from the DIY itself to the graphics and layout of the post. I can’t wait until we get further into the year when I can doing autumnal and winter themed posts!


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