Short Story: The Cure

The Cure.jpg

Upon the forest floor lie trees of yesteryear, tangled in a twisted mess. The trees above lash and crash against each other like a giant controlling a drum kit. The leaves spread their canopy of green across the sky, protecting with loving arms the fiery blazing ball above. Streams of light streak occasionally through the leaves, illuminating the luscious nature.

This picturesque heaven was not the reason Julia moved to Strongfair; it was for the flowers. She was a fervent collector of them and had an extensive miscellany of the plant, spanning from around the globe. Today, Julia had decided to go on a saunter to find a new flower. On the way, she dreamed of finding a scarce flower, one she could call her own, the one she discovered.

Half occupied by this daydream, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something. It was certainly a flower, Julia was sure of that. It seemed to be dispersing a noise, almost covered by the kiss of falling leaves. As well as this, it was off the beaten track, kept a secret by the finger-like knobby roots underneath.

The flower had an amethyst purple stem with coral salmon pink petals and harmonious orange pollen. Picking it, she placed it in her basket with dignity and a little pinch of care. For an unnecessary reason, Julia felt like a ticking time bomb with the flower. Her grasp on the basket was loosened from the sweat starting to gather underneath the handle. Rushing home, Julia busied herself with housework. Despite the distraction, the flower stayed in her mind throughout the day.

The next day, Julia’s head was a dustbin, cluttered with worries. She needed a brisk walk to clear her head. Stepping outside, she noticed an abnormally large amount of police cars. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw police tape guarding the forest. What was going on?

“Good evening and welcome to BBC South Today. The time is now six o’ clock. Our first headline: a flower which has been sought after due to its genetic purpose in curing an inconceivably rare cancer has been taken. Police are now searching the scene for forensic evidence. The flower is said to be purple, orange and pink. If you have evidence or information, please come forward and contact your local police station without hesitation…”

Julia eventually shredded the flower. No one needed to know.


I hope you enjoyed this story and if you did make sure to let me know below. This story was written to spread the message that you really don’t know the true purpose in objects until it is too late. Beauty is one thing but the purpose is another.

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      1. Ur welcome! & thanks so much Wild! 🙂 I hope to find some more pictures of my grandma’s country dogs and pot em! 😀

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