My Carry-On Essentials

My Carry-On Essentials.jpg

Summer is upon us once again and as we are all probably travelling what do you bring? There are of course a few obvious items of course but some you wouldn’t even have considered bringing that you may have needed. So for this post, I decided to share some of my personal favourite things to bring.

1) Reading Book


Sometimes you just need to switch off and enjoy the pleasures of reading. Being engrossed in a book will help pass the tedious hours of travelling and stretch your mind also!

2) Colouring Book and Pencils


I don’t know about you but I find personally find colouring very relaxing.  Having a good one to hand might help you relax a bit and forget about the pressures of travelling by being engrossed in a pattern or drawing.

3) Phone or Tablet


If you find reading boring or colouring unenjoyable then perhaps an electronic device might please your boredom. Before you go, download some TV programmes or audio programmes and watch or listen to them. It will you to become distracted and give you a chance to catch up on those programmes you may have missed!

4) Snacks


As service stations and in flight trolleys can get a little pricey, there is no harm in bringing a few snacks. Things like granola bars and crisps work really well as they are not messy and fill you up nicely. This can allow you to save a bit of money so you can actually spend it when you arrive at your destination.

5) Hand Gel


Going to the bathroom every five minutes to wash your hands isn’t something that could easily be a possibility on a road trip or a plane. So bring some Hand Gel to keep your hands clean and it acts like washing your hands until you can stop and wash them properly.

6) Travel Pillow


On long trips, your head may start to feel uncomfortable and you may get pains in your neck. For trips when I will be leaning back for a long amount of time, why not bring a travel pillow. For extra compactness, buy an inflatable one and save room in your bag!

7) Mints


Your mouth after eating certain foods may taste funny and to sort that bring some mints! Boiled sweets, in general, are good because they stop headaches. They also help your ears not pop when taking off on a plane!

8) Powerbank


Most cars nor planes have plugs or USB points so it is a good idea to bring a power bank. You can get them really cheaply online and they are a life saver especially in an emergency if your phone is out of charge.

9) Lip Balm


I don’t know about you, but my lips get really dry and chapped when I travel. I like to bring a lip balm with me and it stops your lips getting chapped and keeps them moisturised.

I absolutely love travelling and I especially love planes. Before I end this post, I just want to share a photograph I took when coming back from Belfast.


I think this photograph represents happiness and freedom.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. What are your travelling essentials or are there any I have missed? Let me know below.


2 thoughts on “My Carry-On Essentials”

  1. Hey Wild! This is so cool. I have to say, my traveling essentials would be my notebook and colored pencils, 800 bags of sweet tea, goldfish crackers, and my Kindle Fire tablet! 😀


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