Giants Causeway

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Last week I travelled to Northern Ireland to stay for a few days and during my time spent there, I went on a coach trip for a day seeing some of the sights close to the coast.


The day started by visiting the Dark Hedges which some Game of Thrones fans might recognise as the Kingsroad. You may see glorious pictures online of stunning sunshine and towering beech trees but not for us, unfortunately.


The previous days it had been raining and therefore it was very muddy and difficult to walk with getting dirty.


The Dark Hedges is basically a long road with beech trees either side which interlock overhead of you which creates an amazing atmosphere.


After travelling for a short while we reached the Bushmills Distillery for a pit stop.


I had a bit of a Carrot Cake and a bit of a Chocolate Brownie. They were very delicious!


Setting off once more it took a while before we arrived at our next destination: Dunluce Castle.


I say visit, we did not have time to actually go to the castle so these photographs are literally by the side of the road.


I would definitely like to go and explore the ruins another day but you know, time constraints!


And now, the highlight of the tour: Giants Causeway. The Causeway did cost money if you wanted to go to the cafe, have an audio guide or visit the exhibition but we decided we didn’t need that so we got in for free!


Also, I forgot to mention it is also a World Heritage site as well.


Whilst walking down to the rocks, there is a beautiful view of the sea and we were very lucky with the weather as it was very sunny!



You could clamber about the rocks all you liked and there were some really interestingly shaped rocks.



Though, if you visit be careful of rock pools! You really do not want wet feet and shoes for the rest of your journey.


After eating our lunch and getting back on the coach, it started to rain. And I mean rain as the heavens were practically pouring buckets on us it was that bad.


Our next stop was the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. At this point, the weather started acting rather peculiar and was very stop then start.


That is why we didn’t cross the bridge and there was also an extremely long queue!



Setting off once more it didn’t take long until we reached our final stop: Ballintoy Harbour. Again this is another filming location for Game of Thrones.



The harbour was absolutely adorable and the weather had actually cheered up which made it pleasant to watch the boats come in and out from the harbour.


Once we had finished there, we headed back to Belfast City Centre.

The coach journey took the entire day and it was well spent as well. I had been to Giants Causeway when I was younger but I don’t remember it very well. The other places I had never been before.

If you are going to Northern Ireland or in fact any other country and have limited time, hop on a bus tour. Usually, the tour guides are really good and tell you every thing you need to know.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels in Northern Ireland. I am going to France for a week very soon and I am going to post about that so keep an eye out.


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