5 Reasons why I hate Summer

A while ago, I posted a 5 Reasons why the Pressure of Exams Get to Me and it was really well received so I have decided to a similar kind of post with that format instead it is summer themed! We all know we have a secret hatred for summer and in this post, I would like to share why I hate summer (don’t worry I do like it as well!)

1: Heat

Too Hot

In the Summer, it is always unbearably hot. To some people, this is a blessing, but not for me. I have to constantly fan myself and drink copious amounts of water to stay cool and hydrated. My face also gets really sweaty and red and my nose gets slippy and I have to keep pushing my glasses further up my nose.

2: Hayfever

Hayfever (1)

Having Hayfever is just the worst. When I have Hayfever, my eyes get really itchy and the tablets I have sometimes do not do much about it. So, I have to resort to eye drops which I hate. Trying to squeeze the bottle into your eye without your eyelid closing it just such a challenge.

3: Wasps


Summer might be famous for being luxuriously sunny all the time but people forgot the annoyance of wasps. I respect they are doing their job, however whenever you hear that buzz you immediately want to die. Why will they not just leave us alone, please I beg of you. Even if that does not annoy you, if you get stung by those creatures; good luck holding in the pain.

4: Ice Creams Melting

Ice Cream Melting.jpg

Who doesn’t like a cold, refreshing ice cream when the sun is out and you are sweating to death? How delicious. Wait, before you’ve finished it, it has started to melt! Your fingers get all sticky and horrible and the lovely ice cream you’re eating has dissolved into a creamy mess. Why couldn’t there be an easy solution apart from eating it really quickly? Then we encounter another problem; brain freeze!

5: Boredom


Don’t we all have expectations that this summer will be the best one yet and we will not get bored at all? Well, we do and then disaster strikes! We are bored! Honestly, I am the worst at finding things to do so what I’d recommend is making a bucket list. Last Monday, I posted my Summer Bucket List so perhaps that will give you some inspiration.

And that’s it for this post. Thank you for reading and thank you all the support recently on all my posts, I really do appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I hate Summer”

  1. Loved this post, I also have a rather strong hatred to summer so can relate to a lot of these points, especially the glasses falling down your face. Also me and the heat do not get along I never tan if anything happens I burn and other than that i just end up sweaty and uncomfortable! Again loved this post so thank you!

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