Origami Lily

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As summer is finally upon us and to celebrate this fact, I decided to share a tutorial on how to make an origami lily. This piece of origami isn’t actually too hard, contrary to popular belief, the hardest part is probably making it look a lily with the part of creating the petals at the end!

How To Make:

What you need.jpg

To make this, you only need one sheet of origami paper but to help with some of the trickier parts of the folding, I’d recommend a folding tool. The pencil is for curling the petals at the end.

Step 1 (1).jpg

Step 1: Start with a piece of origami paper and place it like a diamond.

Step 2.jpg

Step 2: Fold the top corner to the bottom corner.

Step 3 (1).jpg

Step 3. Fold the left corner to the right corner.

Step 4.jpg

Step 4: Open up the top layer and squash down while creasing the sides.

Step 5.jpg

Step 5: Turn the paper over.

Step 6.jpg

Step 6: Lift the left flap up, open it, and squash down like before.

Step 7.jpg

Step 7: Lift up the upper layer of the right side, open it up and squash it down.

Step 8.jpg

Step 8: Turn the upper layer over and repeat Steps 6-7 three times.

Step 9 (1).jpg

Step 9: Rotate the piece of origami 180°, like above.

Step 10.jpg

Step 10: Fold the entire piece of origami in half, then unfold.

Step 11.jpg

Step 11: Fold the upper left and right edges to the centre but only on the upper layer to the centre. Then unfold.

Step 12.jpg

Step 12: Squash fold the pocket by pulling down the pocket in the middle and creasing the sides.

Step 13.jpg

Step 13: This should create a pointy flap. Fold this flap up.

Step 14.jpg

Step 14: Turn the upper layer over and repeat Steps 11-13 three times.

Step 15.jpg

Step 15: Fold the upper layer of the left flap to the right to get a blank side.

Step 16.jpg

Step 16: Fold the lower left and right edges to the centre.

Step 17.jpg

Step 17: Turn the upper layer over and repeat Step 17 three more times.

Step 18.jpg

Step 18: Fold the petals down or use a pencil to curl them.

Step 19.jpg

Step 19: All Done!

And there you have it your very own Origami Lily. These would be perfect as a gift to a friend or loved one in different colours and arranged in a decorated vase. If you make this, make sure to comment below and if possible provide a link to an image of it as I’d love to see them.


2 thoughts on “Origami Lily”

  1. Oooh, origami lilies! I love origami and flowers and I have a lot of pretty origami paper lying around that I don’t know what to do with. Perfect! Seems a bit like the paper crane folds, but a little different? That’s not hard at all 🙂 I can just see a whole bunch of these in a little bowl on the table or something…


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