My Summer Bucketlist

I am sure you all make over-the-top plans to have the best summer ever, but in reality, it turns out to you spending your entire holiday doing pointless activities. Well, this happens to me as well, however, this year I want it to be different.

This is my bucket list of things I want to do this summer, perhaps my ideas will spark some inspiration in you to be more productive this summer?

1.  Have an Outdoor Picnic


This summer, I want to plan and organise an outdoor picnic, maybe just in my garden or in a local park. A picnic is such an enjoyable activity and is always fun and memorable!

2. Read loads of books


Although I do this already, this summer I want to embrace my inner bookworm and read some new books as well as some old ones.

3. Learn new songs for piano


Summer is the perfect time to learn a musical instrument and therefore I want to learn and practice some new songs for piano.

4. Learn a new skill


I am not sure what this new skill will be, but I want to spend some time this summer mastering something I have never done before. Maybe solving a Rubix Cube?

5. Make ice cream from scratch


We have all had shop-bought ice cream though I am sure we all want to experiment with our own ideas of ingredient combinations for ice cream, don’t we? This summer, I would like to make my own ice cream from scratch to see what it would taste like, will it be better than the shop bought one?

6. Practice my French


Although I know a bit of French, this summer I am making it a task to practice my French. I am going to France this summer and I would like to people to speak a bit more and perhaps have a conversation. I learn French through a website and an app called Duolingo and I would like to go on it every day and learn something new.

7.  Make Lemonade


I absolutely love lemonade and I would like to one day during the hot summer months make it. Don’t you think homemade tastes so much better?

8. Take more photos


I love taking photos and documenting experiences. The sun is out during this time of year and what better opportunity than to take some photographs?

9. Bake something


With all the time in the world in your hands and nothing to do, why not bake? I enjoy baking now and again so this summer I want to bake some things and enjoy the taste of homemade (sorry I’ve mentioned that a lot this post).

10. Make some more origami models


With plenty of books around my house and a dozen tutorials on YouTube, this summer is the perfect time to sit and just make some origami models. I personally find it very relaxing until it goes wrong!

11. Go swimming


With our own pool at the place we are staying at when I go to France, the best way to cool down when it is hot is swimming! I might also buy some floaties and accessories for the pool; I just love them.

12. Buy some new stationery


I desperately need some new pens and pencils and I want to this summer embrace my inner stationery geek and buy some new stationery. I just love the multicoloured pens that you can get!

13. Organise my desk


My desk will never look like the ideal one above but I want to create some sort of organising system for it so it doesn’t get cluttered all the time. Currently, I like to call my organisation system a creative mess (this needs to change).

14. Keep a diary/journal


I enjoy writing and to make sure I keep up this hobby I want to, for an entire summer, keep a diary of what I do each day or what I see or something like that.

15. Reach one hundred followers on my blog


Finally, with the enormous amount of support I’ve been getting on my blog over the past few months, I am sure we can reach one hundred followers by the end of this year. I am overwhelmed by the number of likes I get on each of my posts and the lovely comments you leave. We hit fifty followers last week and I am confident that we can reach that milestone this year.

And that’s it for this post. I am wondering if you will notice but if not, this summer each week I am going to post three times; yes three times. If you want to see a part 2 to this or any other summer posts let me know below.


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