5 Reasons the Pressure of Exams Gets to Me

I hope you all are having an absolutely fabulous week, I have been working really hard on this post and I hope you like the drawings! All the pictures were created digitally on an app called Autodesktop Sketchbook. I will add links to the app at the end of this post.

Although my GCSEs are in a few years time, whenever I sit an exam or assessment in class I always have these few things bugging me that just straight up annoy me. Hopefully you find this relatable, otherwise, I am totally going to feel like a complete alien to all the normal earthlings on this planet called Earth.

1: Time

You either have enough time or you don’t. I think in exams time is never right. Sometimes in exams, time stops and you have so much time left you to wonder what to do; then you realise that you made a mistake too late. And sometimes time just goes so slowly that you feel your life is going to end during the time period of the exam.


2: Silence

In exams, the worse thing I think is the silence of everyone concentrating only broken occasionally by the turn of pages or the whispering to the invigilator. And when you are finished you just have to listen to the sniffle of someone with a cold or someone behind you breathing rather loudly!


3: Distractions

When you have finished an exam and don’t know what to do, you let your mind wonder, don’t you? Thinking about what you could be doing instead of it. Sometimes this happens in the middle of a test and I have to jolt myself back to reality and try to remember what I was supposed to do.


4: Mind blanks

You know what they are, don’t you? When you have revised so hard and you think you know everything and then when you go into the exam; POOF! It also annoys me when people don’t revise and they get higher then you, that is the worst feeling ever. Or somtimes when you don’t revise and then suddenly the God of exams bless you and gives you the gifts of knowledge.


5: Being Hungry

During exams, for some reason, I am always hungry. This adds to the pressure because it makes me want the exam to be over. It also makes me not concentrate because I am just thinking about what I want for lunch!


I wonder what you thought of the little pictures. They were such fun to make. As I mentioned earlier, I drew them on my tablet on an app called Autodesktop Sketchbook. It is available on iOS and Android.


I know you are looking at me.

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