Wild’s Life Weekly Finds #2


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The Original Source Mango Body Wash

I was looking forward to writing this post all week; I am crossing my fingers that I get to continue this “series” for a long time…

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s finds…

    • The Dories Cocoa Linzer Cookies from Korean in the Kitchen look so perfect as every one of the cookies has the identical pattern on the top. It is just so over the top perfection and won’t look apart in a cake shop!
    • I couldn’t believe that the brownies from Fruits and Routes had sweet potato in! I will just have to take your word for it!
    • I have so been loving the Original Source Mango Body Wash; it is literally like I am rubbing pure mango on my skin!
    • I just love the quote that Smitten Kitchen has used in their Broccoli Pizza Recipe from Inside Out if you have watched it!
    • I am interested in this article from the Miami Herald about trying to build a food computer. Wonder how that will turn out…..
    • I think people go soooo over the top for Instagram especially with food. This article from the Guardian talks about it and I find the pictures really nice but one question is: how long did it take to those that pictures!?
    • Will the world end in Bangkok if they ban street food; what will happen to all the street food vendors? I feel so sorry for them!
    • I have been enjoying looking at pictures of smoothies on Pinterest so I have decided to create a board dedicated to them (psst: why not follow me?)
    • The cupcakes from Recipes from Me for a birthday party are so adorably cute! Perfect for anyone basically with a light heart.
    • Scones I feel are so boring without a filling and these ones from Papers and Pastels fit the mark perfectly; Lemon Blackberry Scones, yum!
    • I really can’t believe in the age of technology one in five adults can’t boil an egg or change a lightbulb. SERIOUSLY?
    • I haven’t had banana bread in so long but seeing this recipe from Days with DBlog made me want to eat it so much!
    • Mug Cakes are such a genius invention and although I have never had one, I think I might need to try seeing the video from Gemma’s Bigger Boulder Baking!
    • Finally, this cheesecake from Serendipity and Bliss looks like it could replace any birthday cake; maybe next year I might have to have it instead!

That’s it for this week’s finds and if you see something that should be featured next week, make sure to either contact me or comment it below. As well as this I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to all the images of anything featured each week so make sure you check that out.


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