Being a vegetarian at secondary school

Being a VEGETARIAN at secondary school.png

Out of personal interest, I don’t think there is practically another vegetarian apart from my twin brother in my secondary school (or high school for all you American folk.) There is also a common misconception about what being a vegetarian is. One person said, “Google says being a vegetarian is that you do not eat anything living so you would be dead.” Everyone eats things living, plants are living as well as animals. I don’t think people should care about other people’s dietary requirements. Why should I care if you eat meat and you care that I don’t? It’s not something that defines me as a person, it’s a way of living.

People may say I am not a proper vegetarian as sometimes I eat fish but it’s not like people eating meat like chicken or cow every single day. You may if you want to call it in a technical term a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian (excludes fish, meat or poultry and includes eggs and dairy products or pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish). What I can’t believe is that Β at school during Food Technology lessons (more commonly known as Cookery) when our teacher is talking about a recipe involving meat and I ask about alternatives, people talk and make remarks like: “I couldn’t live without chicken” or “I can’t believe you live without chicken.” Someone today (at the time of writing this) when we were tasting pizzas without meat complained so loudly! If I was you I would treasure the experience of trying something meat free!

The Food Tech teachers at school have got better at understanding dietary requirements but I once had an argument with a teacher in Year 7 about not wanting to use quorn in a dish. I said I felt threatened and they did not understand that being a vegetarian meant that I don’t have to eat quorn because I don’t like the meat texture.

In summary, I think that people should not make so many assumptions surrounding vegetarians or vegans and not “discriminate” against them. You wouldn’t like it if I made fun of you eating poor helpless animals so don’t tease me for eating plants.

I also wanted to mention that I am vegetarian because my family is. I am stressing that you should not be vegan or vegetarian because you want to be “on trend” (I am always so late to those anyway) but because you want to take on a different lifestyle for example. I know how bad the conditions are that mass-scaled farmed animals live in and I just wanted to inform you of them.

I hope you enjoy this new style of content as I want to switch up what I write to enjoy doing this blog more.


5 thoughts on “Being a vegetarian at secondary school”

  1. Oh that sucks! I’m gluten free and whenever I tell people that, they make remarks like, ” omg I would die without bread.”πŸ™„
    Secondary school? So that’s like high school in the u.s.a.😁
    I’m in 9th grade. What about you? Or the equivalent in your country.πŸ˜‰

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  2. that is very true, the points that are raised there. These people may not like to live without meat, but hey, that’s their choice, as many (if not all) fast-food chains are not vegetarian. can you do a post of things you’d eat like packed lunches, as sometimes i like to have a veggie lunch, like lettuce, tuna, cheese salad.

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