Wild’s Life Weekly Finds #1

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The milkshake I talk about later in this post…

Inspired by Cooking with a Wallflower, I have decided to post twice a week, one recipe and one weekly finds post.

This week’s weekly finds:

  • How disgusting do these rainbow corn-on-the-cobs look? I wonder how many bottles of food colouring did that take!
  • I absolutely love the banana milkshake at Gourmet Burger Kitchen when I went on Tuesday. If you ever go there, and I think this is only for the UK but let me know if they have restaurants elsewhere, you have to try the banana milkshake; it is so divine!
  • What do you think of the New Great British Bake Off presenters on Channel 4? I think it is an unusual match but it might just work, we will have to wait and see…
  • The recipe on The Creative Life In Between for Raspberry Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies looks amazing! I will have to make these one day and see but they just look soooo good!
  • I love cookies and the size of the ones on Natalie Vinh’s blog look so yummy! When I saw the photographs of them, I wanted to lick my computer screen!
  • A lot of people at school ask me when I eat these, what are they and I reply “I don’t actually know what’s inside these, but they are good anyway.” I am talking about falafels and next time I have them I might have to try out the recipe featured on the OM Project, but originally from the GF Bakery. This sandwich looks so healthy but really tasty!
  • I don’t know about you, but I really like these diys from Artsy Teen. There was so many I liked, but I only chose three; make sure you check out her blog for more interesting posts!
  • Finally, the 45 GIFs Post from Living Like A Unicorn, can only just make you laugh from the lovely selection of heart-warming GIFs.

I hope you enjoy these posts more regularly and I look forward to sharing more of my life on my blog.


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