Snapchat Spectacles – worth the hype?

With the release of these spectacles quite unexpectedly last Friday, the internet has blown about these things. Are they really worth the hype and indeed the wait?

For starters these spectacles cost $130 (around £105). Who would waste their money on a single function pair of spectacles? All they do is record ten second video and take pictures. And before you say about how revolutionary these are the footage is circular!

The Google Glass is a better choice however the price tag can be slightly off putting. But at least you do not have to wait in an extremely long queue for a vending machine for your pair to be dispensed. Right now there is only one way to get them and that is through a vending machine which are being released randomly across the United States. So Snapchat have definitely ruled out that possibility Black Friday campers!

Another downside its that you can not use the recording and playback function alone. You need a device connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So that is your data for the month completely eaten up by this stand alone app.

And lets not forget about the inward facing light whilst recording! Blinding!

However, one of the positives of this piece of technology is how discreet the camera is. If you did not know about what it was you would think it was part of the design!

The battery lasts for ages and it can charge in less than ninety minutes (the case doubles as the charging port).

In addition to the previous two points, the setup and ease of use really makes up for the negatives. All you need to do is put the spectacles on, turn Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on on your device and wait for the pairing message. Simple!

Despite the positives, I feel that this product has been overestimated by the public and that the hefty price tag need to be lowered.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own a pair of Spectacles so all opinions are taken from various websites around the web including CNET, Engadget and Pocketlint.


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