My Opinion on the app Fabulous

Two or so months ago I downloaded an app from the Google Play Store called Fabulous. This app supposedly supposed to help you get a routine in your life and get rid of any bad habits.

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My first problem is the pink design. What comes to mind when you think pink in a stereotypical world. Female? Girls? Or like Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls? Yeah. As a boy using this app I feel almost humiliated. Being not the most productive person I find it hard to get stuff done so I tried looking for methods to help me overcome this problem. Hence, the downloading of Fabulous.

My second problem is the way you say you have done tasks. You have to have physically your device with you and have a timer whilst you do the task. Not a very user friendly way of doing things in my opinion. A minute to drink a class of water?

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My third and final problem is the forcing of things you need to do right in your face. Buy this buy that! For the drinking water task, you need to do things like buy nuts and berries  and put a water bottle by your bed to stay hydrated during the night. Drinking water during the night is definitely going to make you sleep well. You will need to go to the toilet every five minutes!

In addition to my annoyance about this feature, it so easy to lie that you have done the tasks! Just what for the allotted amount of time and voila! Easy and done without moving or using any effort!

In conclusion, I feel this app needs some major improvements. If these improvements are put in place maybe I will consider pressing the install button on this app for a second time.


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