Wild Website Story

Seeing as I have been blogging for just over three years now, I have decided this is the time to write about how this all began. This post will reveal about how I decided on things like: my blog url, my blog name and my internet name The Wild Man

In May 2012, I started having an interest in the outdoors; especially gardening. I asked my Dad whether I could start a blog or website about gardening and he agreed. So, TheWildWebsite was born.

Starting the actual blog was a tricky process; it took quite a lot of effort to find a host. Eventually, we found WordPress. Therefore, after checking it was secure, we created thewildslife.wordpress.com. However, you also needed to choose a name. After a tricky decision, my Dad suggested The Wild Man and it has stuck with ever since.

Although my early posts were quite boring and I didn’t get many views, I was still determined to tell family and friends about it. They liked it and I got some followers.

However, on August 22nd 2012, I decided that I would post no longer about gardening. This was because I had simply got bored. Despite this, the blog still caried on.

Hence, from then on I posted reviews, tips and advice and I actually enjoyed it a lot more.

So, that is this blog’s story, and who knows what the future may bring……..


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