Our school’s school dinners have been getting exceedingly worse over the past few months and Thursday (11/06/2015) was terrible! It was Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread, Salad and Sweetcorn; for pudding it was Carrot Cake.

First of all, the portions weren’t that great. Hardly any Macaroni. Secondly, about a quarter of the way through the meal, I spotted something…. raw Macaroni! Immediately, I complained and went straight to the kitchen, but they stupidly made an excuse, “It’s cheese, darling.” Yeah, right! So, nothing was done about that.

This has not been the first time something has happened under the supervision of our school catering provider, Caterlink. Two years ago, a faulty fryer resulted in RAW chips which they ignored. Also, about six months ago, I could not eat vegetarian sausages because they had been costed in meaty gravy, however we later found out it was VEGETARIAN gravy. Our Business Manager has been trying to tackle the problem, but it is not clear if anything will be done.

In short, our school dinners are rubbish.


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