John Lewis Crisis

Recently, when I went to John Lewis with me and my family we were very disappointed with the quality of the food and drinks in ‘The Place to Eat’. In the past few years more and more high street stores are getting cafés and restaurants built-in and John Lewis really need to up their game to stay in the popular food circle.

We ordered the following (with comments):

  • A Chocolate Muffin (I had this. I found it very dry and it needs to be a lot more chocolaty).
  • A slice of Victoria Sponge Cake (We got diddled on size. It was tiny and very heavy which Victoria Sponges shouldn’t be).
  • A piece of Millionaire Shortbread (This was the best).
  • A Flat White (It wasn’t a Flat White it was just milk and coffee).
  • A Latte (It was very hot, both drinks were).
  • Water (Well, there was nothing wrong with the Water, obviously)!

Luckily, we didn’t pay for all of it, we had my JohnLewis cards which we used to pay for.

John Lewis, you are at shame.


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