Emil and the Detectives


Password Emil! I went to see this  enjoyable, family-fun play at the National Theatre in London a few days ago. This post explains what this book-adapated play is about and what I thought of it.


Emil and the Detectives is a book by Erich Kastner set in 1929, Berlin. It is about a boy called Emil who travels on a train to Berlin and something terrible happens. Luckily, it turns out all right in the end with a bit of help!


I have read the book as well as watched the play. The play and book are both very different but both are good in separate ways. Always, sadly, they change it. For example, when Emil gets home in the book he has dinner but in the play he just packs.

I thought that the way the crew changed the backdrop or a place was superb. When they changed the place they were in black suits which made them look invisible! The bad thing was that the cast never got in proper cars or sometimes places. But on the other hand, they did brilliantly without them. When Emil was in the drains, which doesn’t happen in the book, the ladder he was climbing down on moved!


I thought this play was amazing! The cast and crew did a super job.

Marks out of ten: Eight


Ticket Prices: Adult- £38 Child- £19



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Emil and the Detectives

Emil and the Detectives Play Design Cover

Photos from the show

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