JRR Tolkien’s Ring goes on display at The Vyne

An ancient ring rumoured to have inspired Tolkien to write ‘The Hobbit’ has gone on display at The Vyne in Basingstoke. In the 18th century in a Farm, a cursed tablet was dug up. The ring was linked to the tablet found at a site of a Roman temple dedicated to the Roman goddess Nodens, in Gloucestershire. JRR Tolkien was an Oxford professor at the time, studying Anglo-Saxons.
He worked on the etymology of the name Nodens and repeatedly visited the temple. For many years the ring lay forgotten at the corner of the library of the National Trust property for several years. Now the ring has it’s own special room! Visitors can find out exactly how the ring got there and lots more information. Children can vote did the ring inspire Tolkien to write The Hobbit. I voted ‘Yes’. They can also dress up as Knights and Soldiers. There is a Tolkien themed menu at the cafe and a new play area!

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