On Saturday Morning I go to my Drama class,  which are at 11:00 ’till 12:00. These classes are held at a theatre which is on a street called South Street. In this group we have Year 4’s ’till Year 6’s. The group number is 20-25. This term we are doing a play based around a hotel. We are around the stage of planning the scenes and sorting out parts. This play will have lines from famous adverts, plays and films, for example from the ‘Kit Kat’ advert ‘Have a break have a Kit Kat’.


At school in Year 4, each of us have a chance to learn a instrument and our music family that we are learning is the Brass family. Our Teachers are called Miss Prince (who teaches the Baritone Tuba’s and the Trombones) and Mr Landon (who teaches the Trumpets and Cornets). We have learnt the notes G, C, D and E.


At home, I like writing articles about things (for example Book Clubs ). My dream is to become a member of the Guardian newspaper. I also like writing reviews and diary entries about places I have been to.



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