Book Clubs

I think Book Clubs are excellent for kids because sometimes you learn something new. They are usually each week or month at a certain place or sometimes clubs go out and about to places or even holidays! At them they have games to play as partners or in small groups, books to review and sometimes the organiser asks the group to do something extra like research about a author or write a poem. When they are at Libraries (they usually are) and theĀ organiser is a Librarian or a helper and that’s on the case they are secretly the best ones EVER. Particularly when the Leader asks you to pick a book that you won’t really read, there’s always a problem because readers have either read the WHOLE library or just have no clue! When that’s on your mind DON’T choose it because it’s just harder for the Leader and you! So if you’ve got a child who is into reading I suggest that you him or her join a book club!


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