Hive Beach is a Eco friendly beach with Lovetingtons Ice-Cream Plaour and Cafe with a lovely sandy beach and really BIG waves. One wave was so big it was the size of a door but bigger! Along the cliff is a beautiful walk but the right cliff is closed due to rocks falling caused to lots of rain, bad for cliffs but good for plants! The Ice-Craem Palour Flavors are really delious are really sugary and furity!


Killetron with manor, gardenes is a very amazing and friendly place. The Manor has childrens
Trials and Room Gudies in every room, for the children there is quizzes and fact sheets and you get a free sticker at the end! The Gardens at a high quailty has SO many flowers, trees, bushes and herbs including rosemary a herb that we use in cooking! The Cafe is has a very good service with lovely food.


Portland with a very famous lighthouse (in the title!) They have made the lighthouse on the rocks, well near the rocks.


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