Stainstby Mill is a very intresting place (but spooky!!). The National Trust Staff are very kind and show you around with lots of useful information, guides and leaflets with well prenseted text and layout and places near it that you might want to go! You can even mill your own flour! Also nearby Hardwick Hall that I went to afterwards!


Hardwick Hall with Manor and Gardens is a intresting, enjoyable place that has fun for all the family. The Gardens are very well layed out with each flower type on a label, and by the way readers I even found out a very rare plant named after a sweet, yes that right Licorice! That’s why Licorice has a very sweet flavour. The Old Manor owned by Bess of Hardwick has a FREE Audio Guide and they have even rebuilt it just like it was many years ago! The Manor is very posh and lovely, there is room guides in every single room, trials and much more besides. They even used it a a set in Harry Potter for Harry Potter fans! The location for Stainsby Mill and Hardwick Manor and Gardens is in Derbyshire, more information on the National Trust Website


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