5 Reasons why I hate Christmas

I know you are reading the title and thinking that I am a hater of Christmas. That is completely not true. I absolutely love Christmas and it is one of my favourite times of the year, but there are some downsides to this wonderful occasion. This is the fourth time I have done this time of post and I have so much fun creating the drawings to describe my feelings or opinions. Although I am not the greatest artist in the world, it allows me to portray my thoughts in a creative way which I hope you enjoy. Anyway, what is so bad about Christmas?

1. Never a White Christmas

Never a White Christmas.jpg

Where I live in the world, it never snows. For the third year in a row, it looks like it will not be a White Christmas. It seems a tradition all over the world for it to snow and is always mentioned in TV shows, films and songs that it is never Christmas, without snow. I really do not know why it does not snow, perhaps because of the conditions or climate or even because we are just unfortunate. Why are we so unlucky?

2. Fairy Lights Fail

Christmas Shopping Catastrophe


Fairy lights are a colourful way to brighten your home. Everyone has them, it is a staple this time of year. So, when they do not work, it feels like Christmas is ruined. Literally. It is really annoying when one light breaks and then all of the others break. Then, you have wasted some money!

3. TV Shows and Films Repeated

TV Shows and Films Repeated

Loads of brilliant entertainment comes out at Christmas. However, there seems to be the need to re-broadcast the same film or show about one hundred times. I absolutely love festive films and shows, they are probably one of my favourite things about Christmas. But, don’t show me that film that was on yesterday!

4. Christmas Shopping Catastrophe

Christmas Shopping Catastrophe.jpg

Everyone needs to buy presents, Christmas is the time for giving! But why does everyone leave it to the last minute? The stores at this time of year are absolutely crammed full of people, wanting to buy gifts for their loved ones. It is a complete nightmare and pure torture if you ask me.

5. October is not Christmas

October is not Christmas.jpg

October is not Christmas, simple as that. Please do not stock Christmas goods in October. October is for Halloween and Halloween only. No one wants a mince pie in September or wants to book a table in August. Do not show Christmas advertisements before December. It is simple human logic!

I just wanted to say that I am not a Scrooge and I do love Christmas. But there are some downsides to this wonderful time of year. I am actually going to be posting my five reasons why I love Christmas very soon so keep an eye out!




Origami Christmas Stocking

Origami Christmas Stocking

What could be more festive than a stocking? I absolutely love stockings; they can be so unique! They come in all shapes and sizes and colours. So, why not make your very own, just out of origami! These stockings are so easy to make and very simple to enlarge. You could even make a giant one, perhaps for presents!

How to make:

What you will need (2).jpg

All you need to make this is a sheet of origami paper which two different colours, one on each side and a paper folding tool.

Step 1 (5)

Step 1: Place the colour you would like to be the main colour facing upwards.

Step 2 (3)

Step 2: Fold a narrow stripe upwards on the lower edge.

Step 3 (4)

Step 3: Fold the entire model in half.

Step 4 (3)

Step 4: Fold the left-hand inward corners to meet the centre.

Step 5 (3)

Step 5: Fold the left-hand corner across to meet the inner edges of the flaps folded in the previous step.

Step 6 (3)

Step 6: Fold the newly created edge across the right-hand edge.

Step 7 (3)

Step 7: Fold the upper layer back across to the left, making a vertical pleat in the paper.

Step 8 (2).jpg

Step 8: Turn the model round so the narrow strip lies at the top.

Step 9 (2)

Step 9: Fold the entire model in half.

Step 10 (1)

Step 10: Pull the bottom of the model out to the left.

Step 11 (1)

Step 11: All Done!

And there you have it your very own Origami Christmas Stocking. You could use it as a nice touch alongside a Christmas Stocking. Or you could even add a sweet treat inside as a wonderful surprise!

I hope you are enjoying the festive posts so far.

Winter Bucket List

Winter is now officially here! I am so pleased; I have been looking forward to cold weather for ages. Though it never snows which I am always sad about. Why where I live it will never snow? Anyway, for the first Blogmas post, I decided to do a Winter Bucket List as the holidays are nearly here. Why when you have to work or go to school you are really busy but when Christmas starts to approach you have nothing to do? These ideas hopefully will inspire you to be more creative when you are bored this season.

1.  Watch Christmas Films or TV Shows


Now you have a lot of time on your hands, why not celebrate the festive season with some catching up on TV Shows or perhaps a classic film? There is something so special about sitting down by yourself or with companions with some snacks and watching one or two films to get you in a merry spirit.

2.  Bake Festive Treats


Speaking of snacks, why not bake some festive treats? I especially love gingerbread around this time of year as it is so easy to make! If you don’t have the time to make them you could buy some and hold a decorating contest. This seems like such a fun idea and is a great way to start the holiday cheer.

3.  Go to the Cinema


As there is usually a load of films on at Christmas, why not go see one? I so excited for Paddington 2 and Downsizing; I wish the release dates would come quicker! If you can’t go to the cinema, there are plenty of films on TV like a Muppet’s Christmas Carol which can we all just agree is a classic?

4. Have a Bath


I personally love having baths and they are a perfect way to relax on a winter’s evening. With some nice warm water and some soothing body wash, you just calm down so quickly.  I like spicing up my bath with sometimes a bath bomb. I really need to buy some new ones so I can try them.

5.  Make a Hot Chocolate


My favourite festive drink (and probably everyone’s) is hot chocolate. I could probably bath in the stuff. So as the weather is cold, why not make a mug of it? Perhaps try and make it look as pretty as possible with maybe candy canes, marshmallows or whipped cream.

6.  Decorate your Room


For something to do on a rainy afternoon, why not decorate your room? It doesn’t necessarily have to be even winter themed, it could just be a revamp. Perhaps get some new frames or pictures or even paint your entire room a different colour! With a lot of time on your hands, why not use it in a good way?

7.  Learn How to Knit


I am so jealous of people who can knit; it is such a talent! Knitting is a really creative thing to do, especially as you can make it as easy or as complex as you like. I think a good starting project is a small scarf for a teddy bear and then gradually progress from there. Who knows maybe you will learn how to knit a jumper?

8.  Take some Holiday Photographs


Photographs are a great way to record memories, so why not take some? They don’t have to be the most professional ones in the world, just lovely ones that can remind you of the fun you had in the holidays. Then, you could perhaps send them to relatives or friends as part of a card to show them what you did that Christmas.

9.  Paint


Painting is really therapeutic especially if you are stressed out from exams or projects that are due after the holidays are over. To take your mind of them, paint! You can get really cheap paint-by-numbers sets at craft stores or you can just go for it and paint freestyle. I am not very good at it but I still enjoy it none the less.

10. Make Paper Snowflakes


I don’t know about you, but where I live it never snows. To make up for that, I make paper snowflakes. I absolutely love making them as they are so simple! I especially enjoy making different designs and experimenting with different styles of cuts. I might even do a post on a variety of types of paper snowflakes, so keep an eye out!

11.  Build an Indoor Fort


With the weather getting colder and your house getting warmer, build a blanket fort! These are great fun to make and are a life saver when it is cold. I love being all cosy in mine and reading my book or watching a TV Show or YouTube Videos. There are so many amazing ones on Pinterest and I am so jealous as my one never turns out as good as the pictures!

12.  Give a Gift to Someone


As Christmas is all about being thankful, why not reward someone for their kindness with a gift? It doesn’t need to be fancy or even something you have bought. I personally love homemade gifts as it shows that the giver really cares about you to give up their time to make something unique for you.

13.  Listen to Holiday Music


As cheesy as it may be, listen to holiday music! This is the only opportunity you will get until next year to constantly play Christmas music really loudly. You could even hold a party and make a playlist for it of all your favourite Christmas songs.

14. Make a Scrapbook


As the year is slowly disappearing and as we are gradually moving in 2018, why not make a scrapbook from the year? This time is a great opportunity to spend an afternoon printing out photographs and decorating a photo album or scrapbook. You could even make a digital one!

15. Reach two hundred and twenty followers on my blog


I can’t believe how we reached two hundred followers; it is absolutely crazy! It really means a lot to me how much support I get from the content I produce and it really motivates me to blog. I can’t believe it has only been a year since I start properly blogging!

Unfortunately, I am not going to be doing Blogmas, but I am going to be doing festive posts all this month! I hope you will enjoy the new posts coming soon.


I’m Taking a Break

I'm Taking a Break.jpg

Yes, for the first time in how many ever months, I am taking a break. Recently, I have not been keeping up with my schedule and have been really stressed about making sure I post.

In order to change that, I am taking a break for a week so I can concentrate on some of my other hobbies as well as Christmas posts! I am so excited for the festive season and I can’t wait to share what I have been working on for it.

How I Make My Graphics

How I Make My Graphics.jpg

You may have noticed a recent change in my blog, in particular, my blog design! Yes, after a few weeks planning to change it, I finally have. I thought my previous design was slightly dull and actually a little unimaginative. So, for this post, I decided to share how I make my graphics and how I re-designed my blog.

Firstly, I make all my graphics on Canva. It is so easy and simple to use and you can be so creative with it.

Photo of Homepage

This is the homepage for all my projects.

Photo of Sample Project

So, I normally use the social media category and the template Facebook Post. Depending on what post I am doing, I use one to four photographs. I try to use as many as my own photographs as possible but I sometimes use free stock photographs from either Pixabay or Unsplash.

Photo of Project with Photo

Afterwards, I add a shape to display the text on. I don’t like using text straight on objects.

Photo of Project with Photo and Shape

Then, I arrange some text on top of the shape. It varies what font I use but my favorites are handwriting ones.

Photo of Project with Photo, Shape and Text

As a final step, I add my watermark which I place in the top right-hand corner.

Photo of Project with Finishing Touches

Sometimes, I will edit the photographs after everything else. This is only if I feel they don’t look good enough.

Blog Homepage with Post.jpg

So, how did I redo my blog? Firstly, I didn’t use Canva, I used a different graphic design website called BeFunky. The reason I used this one instead of Canva is that BeFunky allows you to upload your own fonts.

Font Map of Header and Tagline

To make my new blog header, I used the biggest sized template so it would have the highest resolution on my blog. I wanted to use watercolor so I chose two different ones; one blue and one green.

I started off by placing two text boxes and typing in the text I wanted to use.

Photo of Project with Text

I then added some watercolor as an overlay on my blog name and just the ‘wild’ part of my tagline.

Photo of Project with Text and Watercolour

To make my sidebar graphics, I used the same format but a different font.

Compilation of Blog Sidebar Graphics.jpg

So, that was how I made the new look for my blog! Hopefully, you found it interesting, I always love reading similar posts.


Poem: Wanted


What happens to things that aren’t wanted?

I wonder what people do to them.

Aren’t the owners undaunted?

By the prospect of the outcome of their foolishness.


They could be thrown away,

On a skip or heap,

Perhaps even to someone’s dismay,

So, what can we do?


I say give them to someone who needs it,

Think about those less fortunate.

You’ve got to admit,

It’s a better solution.


Why make the environment suffer,

When you are the one causing the problem.



This poem was about how people throw objects away when there is still a use for it, even if you cannot see it.

Creative Comissons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


Flowers in the Rain

Flowers in the Rain.jpg

There is something so special about the rain. The sound it creates, the movement it portrays and the remanence it leaves behind. So, when I went to Blenheim Palace and saw these flowers after the rain had washed them, I had to take some photographs!



Too Hot


Don’t Limp


Just in View


Don’t Be Shy


Can you hear me?








Don’t Let Go


I absolutely love the effect the rain left on the flowers. It makes the droplets look like mini diamonds! I can’t wait until December so I can take some festive photographs…

My Rainbow Bookcase

My Rainbow Bookcase

A while back, me and my twin brother decided to re-arrange our bookcase. Previously, it had been arranged in the typical way of author’s surname. However, we decided to switch it up. Now, it is arranged by colour!

I am not really sure I decided to change it, perhaps it was I felt inspired by all the wonderful photos of rainbow bookcases online. I just wanted a change!


So, how did it go? It took about half an hour to move everything as all the colours were very spread apart. We found it quite difficult especially as the shelves on our bookcase are of different heights so we decided to have the colours going down instead of across.

It was a great opportunity to say goodbye to some of the books we hadn’t read in ages. I know it is sad to let go of books, however, it means there is more space for new ones!


We used the classic way of laying out books by just putting them vertically. Next time we could have been more creative but we were not sure how it was going to turn out.

I like the finished effect and I actually find it easier to find books; strangely enough! I am not sure what the future holds for this bookcase, who knows?



Wow, wow and wow again. When I hit one hundred followers back in August of this year, I couldn’t believe what I had achieved. Now, I have hit two hundred followers!

Recently, I was thinking about quitting my blog and perhaps creating a new one. But with your incredible support, I have decided to stick with this one and just improve it.

I am currently in the process of redoing the entire blog design. This will allow it to look more professional and hopefully more appealing. I suppose that is what made me think about starting again.

I have had the name Wild’s Life for about a year now. Originally, this account was registered to the name The Wild Website. Wild’s Life has done so well and I am so pleased for it to continue growing.

I love reading all your comments and responding to them. They just make me so happy and they always make my day. If you would like a question answered, comment it below and it would be my pleasure to answer your question.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing achievement and I can’t wait until the next milestone.

Effective Ways to Learn a Language

Effective Ways to Learn a Language.jpg

Languages. The heart of the world. The way we express our thoughts and feelings to one another. But, what if you are going to a different country? One that doesn’t speak your language? What do you do? You learn it, of course. So for this post, I am going to be sharing some effective ways to learn a language. Although these ways may not work for all, they are some of the most common ways that people learn a language. There are a few surprising ones though!

Relate to Real Life


One of the best ways to learn a language is to relate it to real life. A way to do this is to label objects around your house in the language you are learning. So whenever you look at a common object, the translation will become stuck in your head. You could even start trying to use it in sentences even if they are not full ones!

Find a Friend


To practice your speaking or even understanding of your language, teach it to someone! Find a friend and get them to listen whilst you teach them all about your language. All aspects of it; reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture. It is proven that if you prepare as if you are going to teach it, you learn it better and more effectively.

Master Mnemonics


Yes, you may be questioning; what are mnemonics? They are a way of remembering words. To remember a word, think of something funny, silly, or otherwise memorable story to associate with a particular word. This will allow you to remember the word better and will allow you to think more creatively.

Like a Local


Locals are masters are their languages, no doubt about it. So why not do what a local do? Read, write, listen and speak their language. Get hold of some magazines or short books in the language you are learning. Try and write a short play or book in that language. Watch films or listen to music in that language. Find someone who speaks that language and talk to them.

Keep Going


Whenever you learn something, you are going to experience struggles. So push through them and don’t procrastinate about learning that language. Take a break and come back to it. Make sure it is something you enjoy not something that is a chore.

I hope you found some of these tips useful! I also hope to learn more in terms of languages and perhaps even do an entire blog post in a different language?!

All the photographs were from my week in France when I travelled there in August of this year.